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Reindeer, Reindeer, Reindeer!

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Reindeer Express provides Winter cheer with live reindeer, reindeer rentals and reindeer leases. Camel rentals and camel leases are available throughout the year. Don't forget to check on our Camel sales! We offer rentals starting with a 3 hour min., with weekday, weekends, or 2-6 week leases. Book your date today! These enchanting animals will surely be the edge you need to set you above your competition. The presence of live reindeer is always news worthy for better media coverage.
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Providing Winter Cheer!

Some ideas in how live reindeer rentals are used to enhance an event would be…Awards Benefits, Holiday Events, Tree Lighting Ceremonies, Open Houses, Community Events, Christmas Tree Lots and Nurseries, to name just a few.

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Our Credentials

Reindeer Express is a licensed USDA facility under the Animal Welfare Act. We are proud members of R.O.B.A. None of our exotic animals are taken from the wild and we encourage responsible ownership of all animals. We are also TB accredited.

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"Attention Getter!"

The uniqueness of live reindeer rentals or leases is a great "attention getter." Most people have never seen a live reindeer and many don't believe that they actually exist. Camel rentals are a wonderful way, for children and adults alike, to interact with these clownish creatures!

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Still updating

We offer Reindeer and Camel leasing programs by the hour (3 hour min.), day, week or month(with or without handlers). We will try our best to customize your function. Hurry and book your 2013 event now, slots for December are already filling up! Don't forget Reindeer Express provides reindeer leases, camel leases and exotic animal sales! Last update was on October 20, 2013. Always check back, something is changing all of the time!