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Live Reindeer!

What is Reindeer Express?



Reindeer Express has provided winter cheer with live reindeer (or commonly misspelled raindeer) for over 20 + years. We provide reindeer educational experiences with rentals, reindeer leases and reindeer sales. We offer rentals starting with a 3-hour min., with weekday, weekends, or 2-6 week leases. Each reindeer rental or lease is customized to your event needs with marketing and social media suggestions, if desired. Book your date today!

These enchanting animals will surely be the edge you need to set you above your competition. The presence of live reindeer is always newsworthy for better media coverage. Some examples of how live reindeer rentals are used to enhance an event would be…Educating the public about conservation and climate issues, Awards Benefits, Holiday Events, Tree Lighting Ceremonies, Open Houses, Community Events, Christmas Tree Lots and Nurseries, to name just a few.

The unique presence of live reindeer is a great learning tool to teach about climate change, conservation, loss of species and habitat and more. Most people have never seen a live reindeer and many don’t believe they even exist. Renting or leasing reindeer may be the element that draws interest to your event or sets your business apart from the rest. We encourage schools to visit the farm and have an educational experience!

Our Mission Statement


For over 20 years, Reindeer Express has promoted and educated the public on Reindeer production in the "Lower 48" of the United States through local communities, holiday events and outreach activities. The general public has little understanding of the Reindeer's history, domestication or herd management practices. Though most other countries use Reindeer as a meat product, in the "Lower 48" it is predominately a "display" market only. Our animals live quite the pampered life!

Reindeer Express is a licensed USDA facility under the Animal Welfare Act. We have been raising and displaying Reindeer for over 20 years. We are proud members of Reindeer Owners Breeders Association (R.O.B.A.) and North American Deer Farmers Association (NADFA). We are TB Accredited and though Washington State does not have a CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) program, we have voluntarily participated in testing for over 15 years. We encourage responsible ownership of all animals and believe that their welfare comes first.

Things I love

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I love the memories Reindeer have given me! The elderly lady who wished for reindeer at Christmas, thinking how foolish she was since they were storybook characters. We watched tears stream down her face, as we unloaded one of those storybook characters into her back yard. 

Another memory is our lady in red, as seen here. She was in her 90's and was all decked out for the holidays. Her family didn't have their camera and it seemed too precious of a photo to pass up. We took her picture and emailed it to the family. She said, "This made my golden years golden!"

We have lots of stories and memories how Reindeer have brought so much happiness into people's lives. Reindeer are our passion and we are excited to share them with others. Doesn't the world need more magical creatures to brighten our days?

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We are in Washington STATE! BEFORE YOU CONTACT US FOR REINDEER SALES: Do your research! PLEASE check with your state Dept. of Ag and Fish & Wildlife Dept. YOU NEED TO KNOW: your laws for your state pertaining to Cervids and Reindeer, and if a CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) program is in effect in your state. For purchasing Reindeer within Washington State you need an eight foot perimeter fence with a six foot enclosure fence AND approval from Fish & Wildlife. Check your local ordinances, too.

Reindeer Express

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