Santa's Reindeer Leases for the Holidays

Leasing is Easy!


Reindeer leasing is easy! Reindeer Express has over 20 years to help design your custom lease. Your business can choose 2-week to 8-week leases. You provide the enclosure fencing, shelter, straw bedding and staff to learn to be a Reindeer Guardian. We provide detailed instructions, two reindeer with antlers, feed, hay, training for your staff and marketing ideas. 

Leasing is a great opportunity for a small or large business to bring in new and old customers. It is a great media draw, and provides the family atmosphere we all want at the holidays! Our magical Reindeer will "wow" the crowds and good news travels fast!

Winter Cheer!

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Reindeer leasing is perfect for plant nurseries, tree lots, hardware stores, feed stores, winter event centers and much more. Reindeer Express provides winter cheer for your holiday events! Having Santa's Reindeer will give your business the competitive edge you need. Reindeer are a great attraction for the public and education opportunities are unlimited.

Your business can use Santas Reindeer as a way to engage with your community. Some of our clients use the opportunity as a way to give back to their community. They use Reindeer to raise funds for a local animal shelter or provide classes on conservation. Reindeer provide a beautiful background for photos.  Reindeer leasing provides a broad range of opportunities to give back to your community. Giving back creates stronger communities and helps to build a happier society for everyone. 

Leasing Checklist

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Reindeer Express will provide 

  • Two Reindeer with Antlers
  • Training for Reindeer Guardians
  • Feed
  • Hay
  • Feed and Water Pans
  • Liability Insurance
  • Detailed Instructions for Enclosures
  • Social Media and Marketing Ideas
  • Educational Information (Optional)

Your Business Will Provide:

  • 6' x 24' x 32' Mediumweight cattle panels or chainlink fencing with gate
  • Shelter; if outdoors, some sort of overhead shelter or a small building that the Reindeer can use. If indoors, no other shelter needed.
  • Staff to be trained as Reindeer Guardians
  • Clean, dry straw for bedding
  • Any local or city permits
  • Liability Insurance