Reindeer Sales


Purchasing Reindeer and Reindeer for Sale


First, we do not sell Reindeer for meat, nor do we sell Reindeer velvet. So, lets focus on the important stuff...everyone loves baby animals. Most people fail to think of the commitment involved when taking on a baby animal or any animal. Reindeer Express is very committed to responsible animal ownership. Please consider the animals when purchasing Reindeer. Can you provide for them? Can you afford vet costs? Will you make a 15 year or more commitment to this animal? We hope our information helps you make an informed decision.


Baby Reindeer, calves, are born in the Spring. We start calving mid to late March through the end of May. We are one of the larger Reindeer farms in the "Lower 48." We will produce, on average, 15-20 calves a year. We encourage you to commit to one to two years of research and prep work before inquiring. You will be asked a lot of questions before we put you on our list as a potential buyer. Contact us in January thru March and expect that we will not set prices until around June of that year. Remember, purchasing Reindeer is a serious commitment.

We will not sell a single Reindeer unless you already have Reindeer. Reindeer are a herd animal and need their own kind. If this is your first Reindeer purchase, please be prepared to purchase two Reindeer.

On your journey the first stop will be; contact your Dept of Agriculture and find out if Reindeer are considered livestock in your state. They are domestic livestock in most areas, except the Lower 48. Contact your Dept of Wildlife or Fish and Game dept to find out if they have any requirements. Then, you will need to contact your state vet and find out what the health requirements are. Do they need Tuberculosis (TB) and Brucellosis testing? What are the CWD regulations? Will they work with our CWD standards? Reindeer Express is a disease-free herd. We are TB Accredited and have voluntarily done CWD testing for over 15 years. Please consider that their will be blood testing involved that can take a few weeks. Regulations are constantly changing, so be aware that some information can be different from year to year.


Things to Consider


Fencing is your next consideration. Washington State requires an 8-foot perimeter fence. You cannot own Reindeer north of the Spokane River. If you are displaying your Reindeer to the public, you will also need to be USDA licensed; following their requirements and inspections. You will also need shelter, feed, water supply and a vet willing to work on Reindeer.

Do you have predators? Dogs are the worst offenders. Would you have a safety plan in place and is your fencing adequate to keep them out? Cougars would be your next risk. Are you in a high-risk area for cougar attacks? These are the questions you will need to think of.

Reindeer Express has over 20 years working with Reindeer. We can provide a level of service and expertise that few others can. Let Reindeer Express help you through the process of buying Reindeer. 


Additional Info

The University of Alaska in Fairbanks has a Reindeer Health Aide Manual you can purchase from them. This is an excellent resource to have on hand. We encourage all of our buyers to join Reindeer Owners and Breeders Association as a member. This is a great support system! Once you have purchased Reindeer from Reindeer Express, we are always available for support and assistance.