Let's Go Down Under! Wallabies for Sale

Wallaby Babies!


 Bennetts Wallaby or Macropus rufogriseus are lovable creatures. Reindeer Express has pet wallabies for sale, call and see what is available. We have a successful mob that produces 4 young every year.  Before you get upset and say, "oh, how can you take the babies from the mom?" It is a fact that if a female wallaby is being chased by dingos, she will toss her baby to the dingos. Survival of the fittest does not have room for maternal feelings. 

A Baby To Cuddle!

Bennetts Wallabies make the best pets of the kangaroo family. Each Wallaby is a unique individual.


Every wallaby joey at Reindeer Express is house raised on the bottle in their own cloth pouch. This makes for a very lovable pet wallaby that will sit on your lap and watch t.v. or go shopping with you! 

Reindeer Express makes sure every wallaby joey for sale is totally in the fur stage. This greatly reduces the risk of cataracts as they get older. We make sure each wallaby is successfully nursing on a bottle and ingesting solid foods before they are sold to anyone. Reindeer Express wants all our clients to be fully informed of every animal they purchase and will give lifelong phone support to every client.

Wallabies have individual temperaments and personalities. They thrive and are very adaptable in captivity. These are very social animals that require lots of affection and interaction. The perfect pet for the super maternal human! They will mature to a height of 30 inches, generally and a weight of 30 pounds. Males will tend to be bulkier than the females. Males will need to be neutered.

Reminder To Research!



As with every animal, Reindeer Express encourage responsible ownership. Please do your research on Wallabies (commonly misspelled as Wallaby’s, Wallabees) and make sure you are willing to make a commitment to a species for their lifespan, which can be from 12-19 years. When you are ready to  be a Wallaby owner, give us a call! 509-990-1286